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We are always seeking impact. We make change happen, delivering results for our clients and our clients' customers. We simplify, we take shortcuts. Great work is better than perfect work.
We choose to be the underdogs. We try harder and push forward. Against all odds. We are brave. We challenge the status quo. We never play safe and we love breaking the rules sometimes. We choose to keep a David mentality while working in a full-of-Goliaths sector.
We go for Company > Team > Self. We don't accept the "this is not my job" mentality. If someone spills coffee on the floor, we pick up the mop and clean the mess. We just care.
We like being open, honest, and sincere. We put candor before politics and rounded talks. We know that being straightforward and truthful is not easy. We choose to do it because it’s hard, but it has the most impact in the shortest time period.
We are curious by design and want to improve by getting better every day, even if it’s just 1% better. We always try to find better ways to do things. We experiment. We empower others to learn by trying. We embrace failure and learn from it.

Life at

Current Openings
Working with us is a two-sided coin.

All you can read books policy.

Unlimited vacation policy.

Competitive Income Standards.

Top notch tech gear.

Flexible on remote working.

Public transport travel card.

Private medical insurance.

Fast growth opportunities.

Subscription for e- Scooter or bike.

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Stock Options Scheme.

Recruitment Roadmap
Our 6-steps hiring process
Step 1
Application Review
An application that's hustle-free and easy to submit. We won't ask for the story of your life but to-the-point questions based on the position you are applying for.
Step 2
Getting to know you
This is the time to meet the real you! You'll get an invitation from us for a short video call. This stage is crucial, we care to hear and see you.
Step 3
A deeper/technical get to know
The hiring manager will dive deeper into your experiences and hard skills, your cultural fit, and ask you LOTs of questions.
Step 4
The challenge
This can take multiple forms: a Case Study, an assessment or a real problem. This will really help us understand your way of approaching challenges.
Step 5
Is there chemistry?
If your approach works, it's time to test our chemistry. You are going to meet our leadership or members from the rest of the team, and learn more about the environment you'll thrive in!
Step 6
We always make sure to draft an offer letter that will blow you away! An offer you won't be able to reject! Or if you do, we'd like to know why!
Current Openings