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THE 58


We have the confidence to make this statement. We can solve a challenge you are facing in 58 hours. This is not a workshop; it’s an intense working session where we do the actual work.

In 58 hours you get what you need; an updated business plan, a new commercial model, a new product experience, a concrete plan to increase efficiency inside your organisation using technology, a website or an entirely new campaign to change consumer behaviour. All final and approved by you.


58 is a product to help organisations thrive in challenging environments. We combine Agile Methodology, Design Thinking, rapid Productivity hacks and our secret sauce, People.

We bring together a world-class team of consultants, creatives and scientists to solve problems for the digital economy.

58 is not a workshop. It’s a 58hrs "war-room" session, consisting of world-class makers, industry experts, C-Level decision makers and end-users. All working together, without interruptions, under extremely tight deadlines to solve a problem.

Intermediates have no place during 58 and approval layers are out of the room. We only focus on delivering work that matters.

The challenge
The nitty gritty
The 58, a 3-day intense working session

Key Challenge

Define the key challenge and deliverables.

Assemble the 58 Team

The Reborrn team, a Decision Maker, an idustry expert, one end user. No more than 8 people.

Logistics Arrangement

Set dates and a place in the world where you need us.

2 weeks Induction and Pre-work

We spend a day or two at your premises gathering input. During pre-work we get a fast-track induction into your business. We get a good understanding of your key business metrics, the key stakeholders and we go back in time by deep diving into your Data.

Tangible Deliverables

At the end of this session you get final interfaces ready to proceed with development, real business plans to execute and time-plans for multiple teams to work on. Do we get all things done? No. Just the important things a decision maker might need to approve before moving forward to execution.


When all design-thinking inspired workshops worship process, collaboration and openness to anyone’s contribution, 58 is bringing back what is forgotten in the process of creating products and solving problems. Criticism.

Not everyone is capable of turning around a certain challenge or designing an experience.

Instead we believe that real solutions come from world-class experts who own their domain and who we trust for their intuition and criticism, an indispensable part of the creative process.


Problems like global warming might need some more time. Having said that, we are pretty confident that we can solve yours. If we cannot we will be honest with you.

58 Strategy Mode.

If you have ever taken up the task of creating a Business Plan, a Growth Roadmap, or Product Strategy, you know that 90% of the work can be done in 3 days with the right people in the room and no distractions. That’s what this mode is about. Bringing in experts to work with your team to do the work of 1 month in 3 days.

58 Prototype Mode.

There are times when not everything goes according to plan and you find yourself against the clock. We will stand by your side. Depending on the challenge we build a hands-on-team (max 8 ppl) working at your premises to deliver the work in 3 days.

58 Last Minute Mode.

When you need a new product idea you don’t need to spend a fortune and months of work to get a Prototype, a Business plan and a user Growth roadmap. We bring in a team of Product Designers, Data Scientists and consultants to work by your side in a 3-day war session to deliver all the three above.


(We won’t)

What if we fail to deliver what we promised in 58 hours? No problem.

We will continue the work until we have delivered without charging you extra.

Furthermore, if the end result does not look like the answer you expected, then we are humble and confident enough to not accept a full payment. You will only be charged for our direct costs.

What's next? Here's what happens after a 58.

Move forward with REBORRN.

A multidisciplinary team based in London and Athens takes over to deliver the end result.

Move forward with your partners.

A business analyst with extensive hands on experience will stand by your side to draft technical requirements, work with your partners and make sure that we end up with the solution that actually solves the problem.