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We are entrepreneurs, creatives and engineers, who had many first hand successes and failures in solving business problems.

Previous to setting up the consultancy we were busy growing digital-teams in lightning fast pace, pivoting new business models, investing in industries completely unknown to us, and making businesses and products thrive in the digital economy.

We approach Strategy from a different perspective. Strategy is more about setting priorities and consistently pursuing them rather than developing complex long-term plans which by the way never work in always changing environments. Instead we believe that a company’s culture and vision can work as the long-term compass for business success and transformation.

Say Νο to long Go-To-market Pipelines.

Kicking off a Digital Transformation project shouldn’t take years. How good is a Strategy for the digital economy when it’s already old before you start?

Time is of essence and one of the reasons companies struggle to keep up with change is their long time-to-market pipelines.That's why when there is a shortcut we will take it.

You'll rarely find a strategy project without a designer in the working team. So, everything we do is experience first. Either it’s a physical or a digital challenge, we always add our design thinking to fine-tune the experience to the very last detail. That’s why our team consists of a unique mix of people: organizational designers, management consultants and data scientists, working in parallel with ux experts, designers and engineers. That’s how we can confidently promise that your EVP playbook will be beautifully crafted, remote collaboration with your team will be structured under a well-designed flow and your data visualization dashboard will look like a piece of art.

Sometimes and when necessary we can solve a problem that would take months for a traditional consultancy in as fast as 58 hours. Actually this is our flagship product when it comes to Problem Solving. It’s called The 58.

When it comes to Digital transformation we designed a more agile and soft framework that is more easily tailored to each organisation’s needs and works more like a guide to transformational projects rather than a one-size-fits-all playbook. Compared to other approaches out there our point of view is that kick-starting a transformational project shouldn’t waste months on reflection and assessment.

It’s called “Reborrn OS” because it resembles more the process of creating software rather than the waterfall process of construction development.

Just like an Operating System we provide you with the way, the tools and the skills required to navigate through your Digital Transformation Journey.


Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation shouldn’t be an abstract complex concept.

Digital Transformation means a lot of different things to different people. At REBORRN we believe it’s all about People & Simplicity. We assess your current Digital Maturity and help you rapidly create and deploy your Digital Transformation Strategy. By applying digital tools and technologies we will give your organisation a sustained competitive advantage by capitalising on the opportunities we have identified across culture, commerce and capability.

Solving Problems in 58 hours.

Problems that would take months to solve for a traditional consultancy

That’s right; we have the confidence to make this statement. We can solve a challenge you are facing in 58 hours. 58 is not a workshop. Ιt’s an intense working session where we get all the right people into a room with a single goal; Do the work. Solve the problem.

Data Analytics.

Decide with clarity based on the right mix of Data & Intuition.

We make Data work for you. Not the other way around. We skip all the hype surrounding big-data, AI, Machine Learning, Attribution Modelling et al and focus on helping you get answers to your critical questions. We do that by keeping things simple and getting the fundamentals right. We start from goal setting and ensuring accurate data collection and end with data visualisation that helps you make decisions. We do all the data heavy-lifting in the background so you don’t have to worry about what a “Random Forest” is.

Audit on Digital Strategy & Implementation.

A bird’s eye view on how you plan and do things in Digital.

Sometimes you need an outsider’s view on your Digital Strategy & Implementation. We start by auditing your current status and evaluating your team’s clarity on vision and goals. We examine how you work and find ways to deliver faster and better. We will propose tools and automate processes where necessary. And of course we will audit your current tactics and channels to ensure they are performing at optimal levels.

Exploring new Business Opportunities.

Using Data and Technology to identify new business potential.

The Digital Economy brings disruption but also great business and growth opportunities. We help you better understand the new emerging consumer and explore new business models and market opportunities starting from your core business. We then provide directions on how to tweak your products, validate assumptions and test new markets segments.


A glimpse of your industry’s future.

Futurecasting is a tool to help you plan and design for the future and a practice used in many different industries to strategically plan for an organization's future. What will happen in five, ten years down the line? Will your job still exist then? Will your company? Will automation make your industry obsolete? Or could it create new growth opportunities? How do we prepare for it? Through extensive research, trends monitoring and predictive analysis we help you get a glimpse into the future and approach the above questions with more confidence.