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It’s almost a cliche but still true that change and business transformation is not about new ideas and technology; it’s primarily about people. The biggest challenge that comes with Digital Transformation is not the lack of people who have the hard skill to use the tools but the lack of soft skills in the use of Digital across the organisation. The lack of so-called Digital Natives.

In the past decade we had the chance to build teams from the bottom up and companies with Digital Natives hiring more than 200 talents across all disciplines, from Marketers and Product Owners, to Designers, Engineers, Analysts and Data Scientists.

We are not your typical headhunting firm as we are industry specific and for those specific job roles we have developed an exhausting recruitment process alongside a never ending development process that made its way to success.


We have hired more than 150 people in the past 5 years to build our own businesses.

When it comes to people development our in-house team has trained more than 3.000 professionals in the past 5 years, in areas such as Digital Transformation, Marketing, Digital Communications, Disruptive Technologies and Change Management.


Digital Talent Recruitment.

An exhausting recruitment process to hire top talent.

In the era of machine learning and technological breakthroughs, hiring comes with a set of new challenges. No matter the automation though recruitment will always be about people. We are big fans of technology, and use automated recruitment solutions with a personal touch. We have created a thorough process, from job role setup and talent sourcing to candidate evaluation with an aim to understand and focus on people. At the end of the day what matters most is to help you hire the right person, with the right values and goal driven attitude.

Training & People Development.

Invest in your own talent through education.

Training is a catalyst in changing attitudes and helping people grow. Over the past 5 years we have trained more than 3.000 professionals in areas like Digital Transformation, Marketing, Communication, Disruptive Technologies, Change Management and many more. We do so by creating tailor-made educational programs, giving public speeches or crafting individual coaching sessions.

Transforming HR Functions.

Using technology in every step of the way.

The traditional HR functions present many opportunities for disruption. Together we can create a plan to transform your HR department & processes. From employer branding, recruitment tech, employee on-boarding and induction, to people engagement, happiness tracking and culture change. Technology and communication can become your strongest assets in Transformational HR. This transformation doesn’t need to be a big, long, complex journey. We don't want to give small commitments on big things but aim for big commitments on small things.