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Constant change, complexity and uncertainty are the new normal.  Organizations need to continuously evolve and proactively pivot in order to thrive in this environment.  We believe that the way to build this muscle is different for each team and requires a lot of co-creation, iterations, and experiment loops so as to kill quickly whatever is not working for you.  You want the right talent onboard, you need the proper way of working, awesome employee experiences to ensure engagement and efficient processes that add value. At the end, you want to build new habits on an individual, team and organizational level.


We achieve the above working closely with you, in a collaborative way inspired by the agile framework.  We co-create solutions that fit your needs.  We work on increments, one step at a time, and iterations to ensure that we test and learn before we launch.  And we do this fast!

First of all, we ensure we onboard ourselves quickly by taking a deep dive into the current culture and way of working of the teams. Then we ensure we gather all of our key decision-makers into a room (physical or digital) to present our POV and agree on the way moving forward using design sprint methodologies.  

The outcome is a very clear backlog with specific deliverables, deadlines and owners.  We then work in bi-weekly sprints which we plan and review in pre-defined routines.   And yes, we also have retrospectives.

All of our solutions are business-focused, beautifully designed, technology-backed, and data-driven.


Organization Design.

Culture is not something that you can put a finger on and certainly not something you can directly change.  It is the result of many things.  How the teams communicate, collaborate, give and take feedback, grow, strategize,  make decisions, innovate, how they are structured, and how they perceive their own existence and their role in the organization.  

We will first ensure that you have the right organization structure that supports your purpose and strategy. Then, we will secure that the teams collaborate effectively with each other.  Finally we zoom in each team helping them build their own operating system.  We fire ourselves when the teams have instilled their new habits.  Our superpower is the combination of having the strategic point of view to see the big picture but also the hands on mentality and persistence to get this to the end.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

A clearly defined and strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is not optional if you want to be an employer of choice.  Our approach is to first identify the desired talent group and then help you attract, recruit but also retain this talent.  In doing so, we remain mindful that the EVP promise has to be matched with reality and the employee experience.

We will need 2-3 weeks to immerse ourselves and then we will define the Employee Persona and draft the EVP pillars in a remote or physical co-creation session with you.

The above will be translated into a playbook to guide anyone that interacts with current or potential employees.  This is not just a deck.  It is actually a guide to help you communicate your EVP internally and externally and a huge pipeline of projects on how to translate it in different applications. But we don’t stop there.  Our work is only done when we help you improve your offering.

Employee Experience.

Memorable customer experiences start with awesome employee experiences.  The journey map that creates critical experiences starts even before someone considers applying for a job and continues with recruitment, onboarding, engagement and includes even exit - a step that many companies forget to tackle.  

And sometimes to have an impact on changing an organisation's employee experience you need to go places consultants rarely go, like redesign a workplace from the ground up. 

We design WOW moments throughout this journey but we also believe in brilliant basics that ensure a seamless experience. While doing so, we ensure that we remain mindful of the EVP.

Enterprise Agile Transformation.

One size does not fit all. We transform organizations using Agile practices by designing solutions that will be fit for purpose and enable the organization to achieve its goals rather than follow religiously a framework just because.

To do so, we ensure we onboard ourselves fast in the current reality of your business by observing it and getting actively engaged in meaningful conversations with your employees, assessing potential improvement factors.  We then design an agile led framework inspired by a combination of scrum and/or kanban and your organization’s culture and business needs.  

We will ensure that everyone is properly trained while we will embark on a journey of experiment loops as your agile coaches.

People Operations Process redesign.

We love shortcuts, we love technology and we love value-adding processes.  Add to the mix awesome employee experiences and at the end, you will get a set of tools and processes that are employee-centric and allow the People Operations teams to focus on what is important.

Redesign the recruitment process from the ground up, from finding and setting up the right recruitment tool to preparing interview guides per role.  Create a fast and employee centric onboarding process, starting from the moment the employee accepts the offer to the first 90 days.  Build a self managed training program.  Design internal pulse surveys and create a framework on how to turn the results into actions. The ways we can help here is as exhaustive as your needs.

Executive Search.

Recruiting the right talent requires a deep understanding of the industries, the markets, the geographies, the cultures, and myriad other touchpoints. 

Our approach is unique and customized to your needs. We will start by helping you figure out exactly what you need. This diagnostics work is what makes our impact so much more profound. 

We will then put leaders through their paces at every stage of the recruitment process, leveraging technology, and ensuring an awesome candidate experience. We test and reference everything to ensure recruitments are bulletproof.  We do not stop at what the candidates have accomplished, but deep dive into what they can bring to the table. 

Our 90-day onboarding coaching plan will ensure that the incoming executives are fully loaded and ready. 

People Ops Data Analytics.

All of our solutions are data driven. We are strong believers that there is a lot of unlocked potential in the People Ops function in this field.

Data analytics can help you make better decisions across all the employee experience touchpoints.  How many CVs do I need to get in order to make a successful hire?  How do I get them with the least amount of cost and effort?  How many and what steps do I need in my recruitment process? How do I measure the ROI of a training or of the onboarding process? These are only some of the decisions that data can help you with.

We will help you collect this data, analyze, and display to get the right decisions.